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Anonymous Counseling Services

For Pastors, Teachers, Office Employees and Their Families


Please submit any of the forms below to [email protected] 

Graduate Study Guidelines for Ministers

Work toward an advanced degree program.

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Doctor of Ministry Degree Application

Fill out and Submit the form.


Graduate Degree Information

Update records regarding education.


Continuing Education

Receipts showing proof of payment are required with this form.


Travel & Vacation

Pastor Travel Request

Out of Conference Ministry Travel.
Submit Form to: [email protected]

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Vacation/Bereavement Application

Exempt Personnel

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Travel & Expense  Report

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Short Term Travel

Insurance>Short Term Travel (NAD)

If you have additional questions, please contact Brian Schwab at General Services Department.



Prior to requesting a Sabbatical please read the Manual and contact the Ministerial Director.
Download the forms and application, fill them out and email them to [email protected] 

SECC Sabbatical Manual 

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Please write 300 to 500 words describing your Sabbatical Proposal.

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Please fill out all of the forms.

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Children's | Youth Pastor Forms

Please fill out all of the forms.

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Sabbatical Expenses Form

Please fill out the form and turn it in with all of your receipts showing proof of payment to [email protected]

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Optional Sabbatical Guide Resource

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